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Hot air collectors from din-solar represent an innovative way to heat, ventilate and dehumidify rooms or buildings with free, sustainable energy. Our sun is an enormous power plant which is delivering us energy for free and in an environmentally friendly way. Air collectors from din-solar convert the energy of the sun in warmth and ventilate and dehumidify your rooms with warm and fresh air completely without electricity supply.

Heat for free

Reach the highest heating capacity in recirculation mode.

Integrated pollen filter

Standard integrated activated carbon pollen filter! Help for allergy and hay fever sufferers

5 years guarantee

We believe in our products, therefore we assume 5 years guarantee.

Heat, ventilate and dehumidify for free

Fresh external air provides cost effective heating, ventilation and dehumidification.

Activated carbon filter

Activated carbon filters prevent bad odors, fine particulates or noxious gases from entering living space.

Save costs

Save heating costs. Keep your rooms dry and well ventilated. Preserve the value of your building.

Active basement-dehumidification

Efficient and cost effective dehumidification through adaptive suction system and electronic dew point control.

Simple assembly

Simple and fast assembly in order to be able to breath freely quickly.

More performance

Use the power of the sun! Heat, ventilate and dehumidify for free – more performance totally without electricity supply.

Kostenlos heizen, kostenlos Lüften, kostenlos Entfeuchten

Simply breathe

If rooms aren’t heated and ventilated regularly, humidity, musty odors and mold are the consequence. Besides health risks for the residents, a moist building structure reduces also severely  the value of your property. Only opening a window in case of bad and humid air, often isn’t sufficient. The active supply of warm and dry air through din-Solar air collectors provides remedy and leads to perceptibly positive results already after a couple of days.

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