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The concept is very simple

The sunbeams infiltrate through the glass in the interior of the collector and heat the absorbers in the interior. The photovoltaic module creates the electricity for the ventilator, which sucks in cold air from outside and heats it through the absorbers. Subsequently the hot air is blown into the interior of the building. In this way the interior of the buidling isn’t only heated but also ventilated and dehumidified.

Air – as a heat carrier –  has many advantages – it can’t freeze, it is always available in sufficient quantity and it doesn’t cost anything.

Through the photovoltaic module integrated in the collector the ventilator is also supplied with free solar energy.


Funktionen En
Funktionen En
Kollektor1 1024×983
Din-solar Luftkollektor Im Umluftbetrieb
Funktionen EnKollektor1 1024×983Din-solar Luftkollektor Im Umluftbetrieb

3 application types for the best result

din-solar hot air collector in recirculation mode

In the recirculation mode the collector vacuums off the room air and heats it up by 30-50 degrees celcius, depending on sun beam. This operating mode works perfectly to support room heating.

din-solar hot air collector in fresh-air mode

As soon as sun is shining and collector temperature inside has reached 30 degrees, installed ventilator starts to suck in fresh external air through the activated carbon pollen filter. The cleaned air is warmed up, dried and blown into the room.

din-solar hot air collector in a set for active basement dehumidification

For an efficient basement dehumidification we offer the din-solar basement dehumidification set. This set consists of a solar collector, an additional suction set and an electronic dew point control.


Let yourself be inspired

Ferienhaus Mallorca


Alm Lungau

din-solar BASIC Luftkollektor - kostenlose Wärme

din-solar Luftkollektor heizt und hält Oldtimergarage trocken

Ferienhaus Ungarn

din-solar Luftkollektor quer eingebaut

din solar-Professional – heizt und entfeuchtet den Keller

Garage Österreich

Wohnhaus Tirol

Schimmel und modrige Luft gehören der Vergangenheit an - kostenlos lüften und heizen mit din-solar

Simple assembly for lots of efficiency

Din-solar hot air collectors should be preferably mounted on the wall. In winter sun  stands low and therefore the angle of insolation on the house wall is optimal and increases the efficiency of the air collector, since collector should be used especially in the colder season to support heating. Din-solar hot air collectors can be also placed on the roof. It is important to choose a shadow-free location in order to produce as much efficiency as possible. You receive suitable isolated ventilation pipes, bends, flanges and connections from us in the accessory part.

Anschlußsstutzen Für Din-solar Heissluftkollektor

The difference lies in the detail

Microprisms bundle the sunbeams to the interior of the collector. Highly efficiently conductive materials in the interior of the collector guarantee an optimum  of warm air and a very high effectiveness already in case of minor solar radiation. Ventilators which are adapted to the air volume, guarantee a powerful but yet silent input in the building.

The triple benefit

Warm air doesn’t only support room heating.

As soon as the sun is shining, the din-solar air collector blows warm fresh air into the building and thereby doesn’t only support the heating but assumes also the ventilation permanently.  In contrast to intermittent full ventilation or ventilation by tilting the windows, the inclusion of air by the din-solar hot air collector is up to 45 degrees warmer than the outdoor air. In addition to that warm air temperature absorbs lots of humidity from the inventory and the masonry and dries it step by step.

Heat for free

Reach the highest heating capacity in recirculation mode

Heat, ventilate and dehumidify for free

Fresh external air provides cost effective heating, ventilation and dehumidification

Active basement-dehumidification

Efficient and cost effective dehumidification through adaptive suction system and electronic dew point control.

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