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din-solar hot air collectors

The din-solar hot air collectors are available in different sizes and variants. The collector size is always attuned to the size of room and the main goal – HEAT – VENTILATE – DEHUMIDIFY.

If rooms should be mainly ventilated and dehumidified, generally smaller collector surfaces are sufficient. Chose bigger collctors, if your living space should be heated.

Mini - klein und preiswert - Basic - leistungsstark - Professional - Profi zum Heizen, Eentfeuchten und Lüften
3 sizes - 3 performance classes
din-solar MINI
from € 700,-
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 500x750x80 mm
  • Weight: 7,3 kg
  • Ventilation pipe: 100 mm
  • Room size: 10-20 qm
  • Thermal capacity: 720Wp/qm (280wp)*
  • Capacity ventilator: 6 Watt 40 m3/h mit 100PA**
  • Temperature increase: 40
  • Now as standard with activated carbon pollen filter
din-solar BASIC
from € 790,-
  • Dimensions: 1000x750x80 mm
  • Weight: 12,4 kg
  • Ventilation pipe: 100 mm
  • Room size: 20-40 qm
  • Thermal capacity: 720Wp/qm (560Wp)*
  • Capacity ventilator: 11 Watt 50m3/h with 100PA**
  • Temperature increase: 42 K
  • Now as standard with activated carbon pollen filter
from € 1.290,-
  • Dimensions: 1500x1000x100 mm
  • Weight: 22,6 kg
  • Ventilation pipe: 125mm
  • Room size: 40-100qm
  • Thermal capacity: 720Wp/qm (1125Wp)*
  • Capacity ventilator: 18 Watt 61m3/h with 130PA**
  • Temperature increase: 45 K
  • Available for recirculation mode or fresh air mode With activated carbon pollen filter

* in case of insolation of 1000W/qm
** during nominal working

Schimmel vermeiden - Keller entfeuchten mit din solar Heißluftkollktoren

din-solar basement dehumidfication - professional-K-Electronic

Cold walls or unheated rooms attract humidity and are the cause for mold and bad odor. din-solar hot air collectors provide remedy against this unpleasant condition and combat this problem in two ways. During dehumidification fresh outdoor air is sucked in through the collector, warmed up in the collector and blown into the room. The warm air absorbs the humidity and transports it to the outside.

The din-solar basement dehumidification set „Professional K-Electronic“  contains, besides a collector with a particularly powerful ventilator, the electronic dew point control including temperature and humidity sensors as well as the suction set.

The control electronics regulate the ventilator speed in order to be able to reach an optimal dehumidification in the first step. With the decreasing air humidity air supply is increased, with the result that both the adjusted temperature T1 as well as the desired humidity F1 are reached.

Due to different conditions when dehumidifying basements, we generally recommend an individual counseling.



din-solar hot air collectors are always delivered as a complete set for wall mounting. Practice, however, shows that very often individual mounting types are necessary. Ask us, in case you have a special mounting problem and no convenient solution is offered on our website.

aluflexrohr für Heissluft Solar Kollektor

Aluflex pipe 100mm & 125mm

Applicable for all collectors up to 5 meters without pressure loss

Isoliertes aluflexrohr für anschlüsse im Freien

Aluflex pipe isolated 100mm & 125mm

Applicable for all collectors up to 5 meters without pressure loss



ISO-flex Ducting, thermally insulated,  Ø 80, 100, 125 mm, up to 3 meters

Kostenlos lüften pollenfrei - erleichterung für Allergiker

Activated carbon filter

Activated carbon filters against bad odors, particles and dust. Filterclass G4 according to DIN EN 779. 90 % of all particles contained in suction air like pollen, spores and dust until a size of 10 µm are filtered.


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