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schimmel und mauerfäule vermeiden

Avoid mold and damp walls

For your health and the value conservation of your property 

If rooms aren’t heated and ventilated regularly, humidity, musty odors and mold are the consequence. Besides health risks for the residents, a moist builing structure reduces also severely  the value of your property. Only opening a window in case of bad and humid air, often isn’t sufficient. The active supply of warm and dry air through din-Solar air collectors provides remedy and leads to perceptibly positive results already after a couple of days.

kostenlos heizen mit din Luftkollektoren

Save up to 20% heating costs

Whenever the humidity has dried, our air collectors warm up the indoor air. Depending on location and size the heating costs are reduced by 10 to 20 %.Experiences show, that particularly during springtime and in fall the warm air supply of the collector is sufficient to maintain a pleasant warm indoor climate without additional heating.

Lüften ohne Pollen

din-solar air collector with pollen filter

Hay fever is one of the most frequent allergic diseases in our latitudes. You’re exposed to aggressive pollen not only outside but also in indoor areas. It doesn’t have to be like that.  Special filters from filter class G4 according DIN EN 779 in the din-solar hot air collectors give pollen no chance. They filter more than 90 % of the particles contained in the intake air like pollen, spores and dust until a size of 10 µm . Don’t use the din-solar air collector only to ventilate, heat and dehumidify, but filter also the warm, inflowing air and make your flat or house a pollen-free zone. And all this for free – only with the energy of the sun.

feinstaub abhilfe durch aktivkohlfilter

din-solar air collector with activated carbon filter

Especially on busy and exposed locations air shows a very high contaminant content. In this case din-solar hot air collectors with activated carbon filters offer a remedy!

Activated carbon filters keep bad odors, fine dust and noxious gases out of the flat. The activated carbon filter corresponds to the filter class G4 according to DIN EN 779 and filters more than 90 % of all particles in the suction air bigger than 10 µm.


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